Everyone likes something for nothing. We scour the Internet finding you the newest, best and most varied freebie's out there! Anyone who finds a good freebie, drop a post into the mix, every little helps. We try to set ourselves apart from the crowd, all freebie's you find on our page will be available to you only a signup away. No surveys, sweepstakes or competition entries, if you like the look of something, it's yours. NOW! In these times of money worries and economic failures more people are looking at cutting down costs and doing things a slightly different way, we are here to help!

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4Shared is a website dedicated to sharing what you have. There are various arguments with the legality of content and owners rights to distribution. After reading their ‘Copyright infringement’ section, all should be clear. Some uploads inevitably fall through the cracks and you are somehow able to download the latest issue of ’50 shades’ among many others. However this practice is not recommended and should not happen ;-P
In any case, there are tonnes of uploads and I have personally dug-up some items that I could not find elsewhere.



Everyone likes something for free!


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